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Habs break losing streak, writer breaks no-hockey streak

Posted by Margot / December 17, 2010

CanadiensWhat happens when someone who knows next to nothing reports on a hockey game? Well, for one, the Habs win 4-3 against the Bruins! What's more, Midnight Poutine readers get a window into the mind of someone whose thoughts focus more on whether the Bell Centre is heated or the logistics of mass marketing in major league sports franchises than the details of the game. But having learned a bit more about what offside means and why calling interference on a bogus trip can be contentious, I feel like I'm doing my pseudo-Canadian heritage proud.

And thanks to our modern friend, the Twitter (as some people are calling it these days), I was able to keep our dear readers/followers - sounds a bit religious, no? - informed up-to-the-minute with what was going on at the hockey game last night:

6:51pm - An MP writer attends her first NHL game. Talk about current sports news; stay tuned for sports updates from a rookie fan. Go Habs, Go!

Seriously, I had never been to a major league sports game. The Bulldogs don't count because they're AHL, and I saw the Jays during their glory days in the mid-90s (I was totally going to marry Roberto Alomar). Otherwise, major league sports hadn't been in the cards... until last night.

7:19pm - Penalty shot in the first minute = apparently unusual. Goal!

When something is an anomalie but you've only seen it once, it's decidedly less remarkable.

7:28pm - Two goals in 7 minutes? Apparently good. Thomas? Apparently bad.

I also learned that fans will randomly "Boo!" opposing individual players as soon as they touch the puck, especially if they're good - like our boy Crosby and that seven-foot Bruins captain, Chára.

7:53pm - Another goal! (That's what sports reporting writes about, right?)

8:26pm - Scuffle in the stands between some die-hard (and inebriated) fans on both sides following a Bruins goal. Intrigue off-ice...

Dudes got kicked out swiftly, following a swoop-in by the beefy security folk.

8:56pm - The fact that the zamboni machines are giant electrical plugs just made the day. More so than the tiny children playing hockey between periods.

Just like that Tim Horton's commercial that might or might not have made me cry, seeing the chillun' playing hockey is straight-up endearing. Also endearing: the kids who ride on the zamboni machines. Talk about the best playground conversation starter...

9:02pm - Cammalleri gets a cut on his generically beautiful face, and then subsequently gets five for fighting. Not just a mediocre band anymore...

9:21pm - Fun fact: Youpi is the only professional league mascot to have had an inter-sport career

RIP Expos. I'm sure you're missed by someone.

Habs CanadiensThis is zoomed in by a factor of 17; our seats were basically in the 450 area code.

9:29pm - For someone who doesn't know the players' names very well, a chant of "Carey, Carey!" sounds surprisingly like "Jerry, Jerry!"

I know you're all thinking, "She didn't know Carey Price?!" Yes, I do know that he is a superstar goalie and everything; I haven't been living in a cave for the past couple of years. But I still hear "Jerry, Jerry!" when I hear that chant - unfortunately, too many years of watching horrible day-time television has imprinted itself firmly in my brain.

So obviously you don't have to be at the very back of the Bell Centre (where we were) to know what's going on in the Montreal world of hockey - our city seems to live and breathe hockey during some parts of the season. So I say, why wait for the playoffs? All we need now is someone who knows more about the sport than me...

If you think you're this person, let us know. We clearly need your help.



Shani / December 20, 2010 at 11:21 am
Are you really looking for someone to write about hockey for you? Well, maybe I'm you're gal... I've got experience with sports photography, I used to shoot the Habs themselves and I've done (non-sports)journalistic writing....

I'm intrigued by Midnight Poutine too, I just discovered it yesterday and I'd like to get involved... Contact me please!

Margot / December 21, 2010 at 01:01 am
Habs fan and MP reader Joe Pelletier wanted to share the following team-issued holiday cards from over the years: http://www.greatesthockeylegends.com/2009/12/merry-christmas-from-montreal-canadiens.html

Kind of makes you want to put on your old jersey and head down to the Forum, eh?
Silvia / February 4, 2015 at 04:18 am
Having been on St Catherine street more than a few times I'm a bit sureirspd that things turned violent. Drunk, debauched, and more than little, um hazy? sure, but people always seemed to be in a good, if somewhat unfocussed mood. I mean, seriously, it's the first round, traditionally riots are held after winning the whole thing.In other news: GO FLYERS. This barbaric behavior on the part of our neighbors to the north provides a moral imperative. We must defeat the Canadians lest their wave of savagery runs amok for another round.
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