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Habs break losing streak, writer breaks no-hockey streak

Posted by Margot / December 17, 2010

CanadiensWhat happens when someone who knows next to nothing reports on a hockey game? Well, for one, the Habs win 4-3 against the Bruins! What's more, Midnight Poutine readers get a window into the mind of someone whose thoughts focus more on whether the Bell Centre is heated or the logistics of mass marketing in major league sports franchises than the details of the game. But having learned a bit more about what offside means and why calling interference on a bogus trip can be contentious, I feel like I'm doing my pseudo-Canadian heritage proud.

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As if there was ever a question...

Posted by Margot / May 1, 2010

20100501 - habs.jpg
In what we Midnight Poutiners have interpreted as a push for national unity (or something like that, because we can't figure out another reason), the CBC has invited Habs fans near and far to submit videos outlining why the country should be cheering for the Canadiens. Or at least that's the way we see it - they framed it "Canucks vs. Canadiens," but to us it's a non-issue, right?

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Gotta Hab it?

Posted by Jeff / December 4, 2009

20091204_habs.jpgThe cherry on top of the Montreal Canadiens' five year series of 100th anniversary celebrations is today, culminating with the team's Centennial Game against the Bruins, tonight at the Bell Centre. The 100-year-old hockey club kicked off the party on November 12, 2005, retiring Dickie Moore and Yvan Cournoyer's legendary No. 12 in a ceremony in Montreal. Since then, fellow Hall-of-Famers Bernard "Boom Boom" Geoffrion (5), Serge Savard (18), Ken Dryden (29), Larry Robinson (19), Bob Gainey (23) and Patrick Roy (33) also looked on as the jerseys they made famous were sent to the Bell Centre rafters. Plaza's were built, statues were erected, and a movie was produced; all in the glory of the beloved Montreal Canadiens.

Surely fans will be talking all day, and for a day or two afterward, about tonight's Centennial Game. It's safe to say the players and management, riding a four-game losing streak, feel their collars a wee bit tight to deliver something special on the ice, following a protracted pregame tribute to a century of hockey.

There are many YouTube video tributes to the Habs. Do not miss this one. It's inspiring. Share your thoughts on the Habs, past present or what you think the future might hold. Go Habs Go.

WorldCup 2010: You're in the right place

Posted by Luc / December 4, 2009

20091204-WorldCup.jpgAs I write this, the 2010 World Cup of Soccer draw is taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. I'd tell you it's pretty epic, but really it's pretty boring. They found a way to stretch picking 32 teams out of a hat into a 3 hour long process involving Charlize Theron. I vaguely recall seeing some magic acts at the last World Cup draw in Germany in 2006. (UPDATE: i was wrong. It lasted 20 minutes)

But don't let these milked theatrics get you down. You are going to love the World Cup. I know it's December and the tournament won't start until June, but you'll get into it. Why? Because you're in the best possible city to watch it in.

Maybe you were here last time. Or maybe you weren't. Either way, this is the biggest international sporting event (ya sorry Olympics, it's hard to relate to sports like Archery and Synchronized Diving), and here are some tips on how to prepare for it:

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Captain Koivu gives Gainey a win

Posted by Jeff / March 11, 2009

Captain of the Montreal Canadiens Saku Koivu gave Bob Gainey a night to remember last night. The captain scored on the power play 1:40 into overtime, elevating the Habs to a 4-3 win against the Edmonton Oilers at the Bell Centre. General Manager Bob Gainey was behind Montreal's bench for the first time since firing Guy Carbonneau 24 hours earlier.

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Got a Hab it? | 25 games left to playoffs

Posted by Jeff / February 17, 2009

In their quest for answers to this landslide season the Montreal Canadiens are having, the media and some fans have an old excuse running again: The management just does not know how to motivate players, sign players, or play players. This is clear from multiple reactions to the recently reacquired defensemen Mathieu Schneider. I'm sorry to say for once the fans and media may have it right.

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