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The Line-up @ Kola Note, 7/19

Posted by Susan / July 20, 2007

20070720_bobdavid.JPGMP alumnus Matt SIlver writes:

How was the show last night? It was great!

Is that enough for today, Midnight Poutine? No? (Long sigh) Okay. Lemme see what I can muster up. (Another long, laboured sigh) It’s just…I’m so tired, Midnight Poutine. Really, I can’t keep up this pace, it’s killing me. I’ve been drinking for, like, days, and...and....I’ve seen like a million comedy shows and everything is starting to bleed together in my mind. I’m not sure, but I think I may have forgotten how to laugh!

Okay Silver, keep it together. Just a few more days left and then you’re free. Just write a nice little review for the people and Midnight Poutine will leave you alone. Comedy will stop haunting your dreams and you'll have your life back.

And, scene.

You see what I did there? I performed a little skit at the beginning of this post - okay granted, it wasn't my best material, but see, after the Line-up, last night's showcase of sketch comedy troupes hosted by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross from Mr. Show, all I want to do is perform skits. Like I said at the beginning of this post, it was really great.

The amazing thing about sketch comedy is that whenever you think you’re totally over watching a group of guys and girls dance around on stage in matching bowling shirts, a bunch of new troupes pop up and totally blow your mind.

20070720_kurtkristen.JPGFirst, there was Kurt and Kristen, a duo whose contribution to the canon of American history included a re-enactment of John Smith and Pocahontas having awkward phone sex, and a song and dance number that was just, well, inexplicable. At the risk of descending into hyperbole, it was one of the best things that I’ve ever seen. By the end of their performance, I felt like I was ready for anything.

Then came Hot Sauce, a trio of nice looking boys with filthy minds. After negotiating their way through a multiple egg homicide, they presented the audience with one of the creepiest phone-sex hotline recordings this reporter has ever heard (let’s just say it has to do with Jewish mothers and it makes Portnoy’s Complaint look like a Babysitter’s Club book).

A few short films followed, by a duo called Leon and Andy. Their strongest piece was something called “I No Made of Minutes,” which featured the skeleton of Tito Puente berating the thoughtless sons of bitches who use up other people's daytime cell phone minutes. Naturally, his criticism was transmitted via the power of Jazzy bongos. Tremendous!

After the intermission, Karla returned as part of an all-female duo, performing a puppet show that was actually pretty inspiring. It told the story of an unhappy young lady who thought everything was just “soooo boring”. So boring in fact that she takes to bed and dies in her own filth, even as the world blooms in exciting colours outside her window.

Finally, a New York troupe called The Buffoons took the stage, and proved that high concepts and flashy costumes are just no match for three fat guys slapping each other in the face and swearing like sailors.
The Buffoons had two truly great sketches: in the first, two construction workers complain about their wives as they unwrap utterly inedible lunches that include silly feather pens and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Beautiful and The Damned.” Another followed the exploits of a Vaudeville team that specialize in hitting each other really hard.

I’m probably not doing justice to any of these troupes - it's a universal rule of comedy that you just had to be there - but they were all a cut above and deserve to be seen by everyone, if for no other reason than to restore your hope in comedy. For every lame uninspired sketch comedy troupe you’ve seen, just know that there are at least a few left on this planet who can really knock your socks off.



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