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"Polaroid Stories" @ Players' Theatre

Posted by Margot / May 27, 2009

20090527-polaroidstories.jpgIf you're looking to see a bit of theatre this week (pronounced thee-AY-tah, of course), check out what the good people at Players' Theatre and Inter Minerva Productions are putting up. Polaroid Stories, by Naomi Iizuka, takes classical Greek mythology and turns it on its head, blending its interpretation with real-life stories of kids living on the streets.

A modern take on some of the oldest stories in theatrical history, this play is set on a decaying pier at the edge of a city. Our (really) old friends Dionysus, Orpheus and Narcissus are among the skinheads, prostitutes and drug dealers that pepper the cast - Zeus makes an appearance, too. The characters find themselves battling the intersection of reality and fantasy, innocence and corruption, and being sober and being high, portrayed with honest and straightforward delivery.

Despite its status as a student theatre, Players' has a reputation for putting on quality productions with original and innovative directing, and stands out as one of the few English-language theatres in town that interacts with the performing community on a continual basis. It's only playing for a limited time, so make sure to catch it today, tomorrow, or Friday.

May 27, 28, 29 @ 8pm
Tickets: $10

Players' Theatre
SSMU Building
3480 rue McTavish, 3rd Floor

Photo courtesy "Polaroid Stories"

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