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Nights At The Circus

Posted by Jasia / February 21, 2010

The folks at Circo Hiverno sure don't need me to tell them that that their quirky variety act, ranging from stunning dance performances to an offbeat magic show delivered by a some guy in a used car salesman getup, was extremely successful. I don't doubt from the loudly appreciative packed house on Friday night that all three of their latest performances mark another victorious round for this circus act.

One of my favorite things about the show is that there is no overarching theme or grand guiding concept. What do a drunken Jazz singer, a quirky janitor and a daring aerialist have in common? Not that much, apart from all being awesome. Despite this, the many different acts were well integrated, each one led seamlessly into the next as each performer tried to outdo the last.

This spirited fun and sincere commitment to entertaining the audience was upheld for the entire duration of the near two hour long performance. Not having always been a fan of clowns, and certainly having mixed feelings about the circuses I had visited as a kid, I was dreading that moment when I thought 'is this over yet?' but somehow it never came. Between watching some excellent glow stick juggling and seeing an plaid sporting clown execute pole based aerobatics that would put a veteran stripper to shame, I just forgot to be bored and cynical.

If I had to write an essay entitled 'what I learned from the circus' (don't I wish I had assignments like that when I was in school!) it would start with 'take your weird hobbies seriously" and end with "so you can quit your day job". Because you never know when your weird talent for balancing things on your hear might turn into a career. Simple actions were so completely mastered, well timed and well executed that shining a flash light against the wall entertained a large audience and making just the right facial expression caused outbursts of laughter.

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