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Take a walk on the 'Wildside' at the Centaur Theatre

Posted by Andrés / January 10, 2011

20110110_wildside2.jpgThe 14th annual mini Fringe fest debuted last week at Montréal's premier theatre venue: the Centaur. Known for its high budget productions (relatively - this is Montréal's angolophone theatre community we're talking about), the Centaur celebrates the successful independents every year with the Wildside Festival. It showcases plays that push the boundaries more than the usual Centaur production. Oftentimes these are second or third runs, picked for their previous success. It also allows for the Centaur to reach below that dreaded 30 year-old wall. That's right: their « student » rates are actually « under 30 » rates, and the Wildside is one of the few times that bleach blond and hot pink outnumbers bald and curly whites.

At this point in time, you're out of luck if you want to catch the one-man-act adaptation of Hamlet. Thankfully, the rest of the Wildside repertoire either premieres or replays this week. This includes:

Duplicity Girls is a family drama about two bizarre sisters and is your choice if you're looking for a more serious, thought-provoking choice at Wildside.

I Am I mixes rock'n'roll and a meta-theatrical play that claims to be an "exploration into the duality of the modern man." Yikes.

Rant Demon is a stand-up performance by Keir Cutler - more monologue than play.

Neon Nightz is, as its subtitle claims, about "Sex and Salvation in '90s Montreal" - more specifically in the strip club scene. The leads are played by former strippers, Kitty Neptune and Sasha Van Bon Bon (familiar to those who may read her sex column in the Montreal Mirror).

... the itsy bitsy spider... comes to us from a New York troupe who have decided to adapt a controversial chapter of Dostoevsky's "Demons". I read this a few years back and am intrigued to see how the whole feel of political intrigue is adapted to stage, considering it is arguably one of his most inaccessible novels.

Hypnogogic Logic won the Just for Laughs Best Comedy award at the Fringe Festival, and this sketch comedy about dreams is a sure bet for those looking for a laugh.

Miss Sugarpuss Must Die, has won multiple fringe theatre awards and is the tale of a woman who escapes the streets and becomes a burlesque performer, only to be haunted by an evil alter ego.

For a full list of showtimes, prices and where to find the Centaur, click here. The Wildside Festival ends January 16th. If you've gone to see any of the above shows in the festival's first week, please drop a line with your thoughts and recommendations below!

Image courtesy Centaur Theatre.



laura / January 11, 2011 at 10:32 am
saw hypnogogic logic the other night, brilliant! i was literally laughing so hard i was crying at several points. these guys are always good, and it's a nice change seeing it at the fancy centaur theatre instead of at mainline. two shows left, go see it!!!

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