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Montreal Weekend Playlist 07/13-07/17 [Podcast]

Posted by MP / July 13, 2006

poutineplaylist_small.jpgPlease enjoy the fourth edition of Midnight Poutine's Weekend Playlist podcast, featuring songs by bands playing in town this weekend and hosted by the dour, serious Jeremy Morris.

Environment Canada predicts highs around 30 and sunny skies for this weekend, which would seem to be a good reason to spend the whole time outside. However, the UV levels are going to be high enough to fry the skin right off your bones, and this whole city will smell like it does within a two block radius of those Portuguese charcoal chicken grill places.

It is for these reasons that we recommend wearing long, flowing robes -- perhaps a mumu or shawl, or anything that will provide good coverage. Also, try to eat a lot of barbecue chicken, so that you won't be hungry when the smell of other Montrealer's UV-seared flesh hits you. Trust us on this.

Also, trust us on these music picks, beginning with tonight (Thursday). We've decided you should check out some roots music, specifically Auresia & the Constellation-ites (at the Main Hall), because what could be more reggae than an ex-Montrealer now playing with Edmonton bandmates? Local upcoming jazz(esque) diva (without the capricious, unpredicable behaviour) Amanda Mabro plays at Casa del Popolo with the Outfit, and Nous Non Plus play the Green Room (this one, apparently, is at 8 p.m. sharp).

On Friday, Brooklyn pop-rock people Say Hi To Your Mom play Green Room , while the lovely and talented local country act Li'l Andy & Karaoke Cowboy launch their new record at La Sala Rossa. Guitar (and mastering) god Harris Newman and Tetuzi Akiyama are across the street at Casa del Popolo, and Kill the Lights, the Outfit (two nights, two tiny but hip venues!) and Famous Lovers are at Friendship Cove.

On Saturday, a festival of cuteness and pop at Toc Toc, with Mini Victrola, Pants Yell! and Toronto's much-improved the Bicycles starts early -- i.e. at 9 p.m. Also, producer/DJ/mixologist Diplo plays with Bonde Do Role and Cansei de Ser Sexy (a Sub Pop band who will be back here a zillion times in the coming months) at La Sala Rossa.

On Sunday, Panic! At the Disco play Metropolis with punk cabaret ... uh ... ists ... the Dresden Dolls and the Hush Sound. Hey, was I linking the "the"s in band's names before? Damn. Also, Wolf Parade's slenderer frontman, Dan Boeckner, plays Club Lambi with his side project Handsome Furs.

Monday brings us Dog Day Afternoon, a big outdoor extravaganza featuring Metric, The Fiery Furnaces , Secret Machines, Electric Six and Holy Fuck at the Jacques Cartier Pier in the Old Port.

This week's playlist:

Auresia and the Constellation-ites - Jah will make it right
Amanda Mabro – Faulty Plans
L'il Andy and the Karaaoke Cowboy: Auburn Fades Away
Say Hi To Your Mom: Angels and Darlas
Kill the Lights – Skinny White Girls
Famous Lovers – Country Song
The Outfit - Interrupted
Diplo - Bloc Party Helicopters Remix
Bicycles - Gotta Get Out
The Hush Sound – Crawling Towards the Sun
Dresden Dolls - Dirty Business
Handsome Furs - Demo

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