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Montreal Weekend Playlist 09/06-09/12

Posted by MP / September 6, 2006

Holy crap, people, it is somehow September again, and although this is a drag as far as the changing of the seasons goes, it does mean many more shows as bands vie for your back-to-school dollars. Many more shows. Many. Many more. Many. Oh, sorry.

So the podcast is here, and it is stacked high like a jenga tower with volatile songs that could ... uh ... fall on you at any moment.

Tonight (Wednesday), we urge you to go see Comets On Fire, a crushing Sub Pop rock band, playing at Sala Rossa with Montreal's awesome Donkeys -- who may crush you before Comets On Fire even have a chance to do so. Locals Panopticon Eyelids go first.

On Thursday, Brooklyn duo Ratatat bring their world-changing instrumental electronic hip-hop stuff to Les Saints. Will they use a live wildcat for the song Wildcat? We can only hope.

Saturday, it's indie time at Main Hall with the French Kicks and Sound Team and the Coast. Vintage t-shirts not optional. Updated (thanks to "Shaun"): Also, locals CPC Gangbangs are at Zoobizarre with Angry Angles, Fatals and Bush League. This will be very dangerous. Mouthguards recommended. Vintage t-shirts will be torn from you in shreds.

On Sunday, you face an embarrassment of choice. Sub Popsters Rogue Wave play Sala Rossa with ultra-fun Aussie act the Grates and Foreign Born, while Catfish Haven, Birdmonster and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (who sent us two rare-ish MP3s--they claim--for this podcast) are at Zoobizarre, Dan Bern and Craig Cardiff play Main Hall, and Mastodon, Converge, and the Bronx try to dismantle the Spectrum with their ridiculously large amps. They might actually succeed. For your convenience, let us list those shows in order of heaviness, so you can figure out how heavy you feel on Sunday: from heaviest to least heavy (with headliners only listed), Mastodon, Rogue Wave, Catfish Haven, Dan Bern. Hope that helps.

Massive Attack play Metropolis on Monday. It's totally sold out.

Tuesday, the excellent folksy singer-songwriter dude M. Ward is at Sala Rossa with Oakley Hall, while Snow Patrol, Augustana and the Duke Spirit play Metropolis.

Weekend playlist:

Panopticon Eyelids - 29 Mai
Comets on Fire - The Antlers of the Midnight Sun
Ratatat - Seventeen Years
French Kicks - Also Ran
Sound Team - Movie Monsters
Rogue Wave - Publish My Love
Catfish Haven - Crazy for Leaving
The Grates - Trampoline
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Song W + Song Elle
Craig Cardiff - Judy Garland
M. Ward - I'll Be Yr Bird
The Duke Spirit - Fades the Sun
The Bronx - Heart Attack American



rrrobyn / September 7, 2006 at 11:40 am
Comets on Fire TORE last night OMG. gushing review, distorted audio/video to come.

btw, Panopticon Eyelids are playing again (as noted in podcast) tonight (thursday) at Zoobizarre with MOUTHUS. yes.
J Mac / September 7, 2006 at 11:48 am
Note to self: Use "tear" as a show-describing verb more often.
Shaun / September 7, 2006 at 05:11 pm
What aboutthe Angry Angles / Fatals / CPC Gangbangs / Bush League show at Zoobizzare on Saturday that promises to be the punkest show of the year (at least until the Fucked Up show or when Brutal Knights come back)?
J Mac / September 7, 2006 at 06:31 pm
Hey, yeah, totally. I made a mental note of that show when going through everything and then it somehow slipped through the ol' mental cracks. It's going to be a bit stupid at Zoobizarre, don't you think? I'll add it above, too.
Lara / February 4, 2015 at 05:48 am
Helen, I'm with ya. I'm a cop. Been on night shift almost my whole ceraer. I enjoy working nights and have always been a night owl, even as a teenager. Just wanted you to know you're not alone. ~James
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