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Montreal Weekend Playlist 09/20-09/26 [Podcast]

Posted by MP / September 20, 2006

The sun is streaming in a late-afternoon fashion through my living room window and illuminating the blades of my spider plant autumnally such that I am too satisfied, somehow, to make a music- or show-related introductory comment.

Your podcast is here, hosted by the perspicacious Jeremy Morris, and featuring a bunch of great stuff, including what we believe may be an authentically exclusive unreleased Priestess track.

Tonight (Wednesday), we're really liking a Divan Orange show featuring Nat Baldwin, Mussaver (Katherine of Telefauna), and the Cay. We're liking it so much that if it was a person we'd spend hours crafting clever emails to it in an attempt to make it like us back.

On Thursday, Aids Wolf offshoot Hamborghinni plays Casa del Popolo with Noh Cars Go, Dead Bush and Triceratreetops (MP Contributor Robyn Fadden's new gig). Also, our favourite noisy art-freaks, Les Georges Leningrad launch their new record with Tony Ezzy at Le National.

Friday finds the parent-friendly antics of Nashville Pussy (if your parents like drunken rawk, mid-song semi-porn and balding hicks) with local faves Priestess and Rye Coalition at Les Saints. The legendary Vic Chesnutt, apprently in town for a recording session will play a set at Sala Rossa with Think About Life's Graham Van Pelt opening with his Miracle Fortress bit. ("Bit" not intended to be pejorative in this instance.)

Fifth Hour Hero, a very great local punk outfit, launch their new album Saturday at L'Escogriffe with Whiskey Trench opening. Over at Zoobizarre, we think it's the one-year anniversary of Bounce Le Gros, unless it's just an extension of Zoobizarre's first birthday party and we're confused. But anyway DJ/Rupture (Soul Jazz, Soot, Tigerbeat6 - USA), Ghislain Poirier (Rebondir Records - Mtl) and Pho Real (WLTV -Mtl) will all be spinning "records."

On Sunday, Canadian/Scandinavian rock dude Danko Jones plays Les Saints with Red Elite, while Lambchop (the band, not the Shari Lewis puppet) and Arts & Crafts solo project Apostle of Hustle are at Le National. Also, Flin Flon (really, you'd think someone would have snapped up this name during the 70s era of bands named after places) and Bossanova play Casa and country sirens the Wailin' Jennys rustle up a posse at Sala Rossa.

Tuesday marks the return of legendary west coast punk act Nomeansno, who are at Sala with Ford Pier. Expect some serious music nerds at this one, because it will rock. You could probably also rock at Main Hall with Be Your Own Pet, Black Lips and locals CPC Gangbangs.

The weekend playlist:

Nat Baldwin - Black Square
The Cay - Pine Trees Are Guitars
Noh Cars Go - Forest Reform
Triceratreetops - Bog Pony
Tony Ezzy - Kool Aide
Les Georges Leningrad - Mammal Beats
Priestess: How Do You Sleep? (unreleased John Lennon cover)
Vic Chesnutt: Tablet
Miracle Fortress: Eschatology
Fifth Hour Hero: Cut Me Dead
Apostle of Hustle: Folkloric Feel
Lambchop: Crackers



Trixie / September 21, 2006 at 01:03 am
You mean if it WERE a person. As in: If it were a person we'd spend hours crafting clever emails to it in an attempt to make it like us back.

And, if it were, I'm sure it would.
J Mac / September 21, 2006 at 07:54 am
Hmm, yeah, I suppose I meant that. I was tired. So tired that I didn't even make it to that show, which kind of sucks. Because were I not so tired, I would have attended.
Jer / September 21, 2006 at 09:32 am
Apparently <a href="";>Billy Bragg</a> is at Club Soda on Fri. Sept. 22. For those of you who like some protest with your songwriter, or artists who refuse to be on myspace but then change their mind, this is the show for you.

(special thanks to tabertooth for the tip)
tabertooth / September 21, 2006 at 02:02 pm
In the spirit of Uncle Bill, I request that Jer clarify his flippant "refuse to be on myspace but then change their mind" remark. the spirit of the tabertooth, I'll do it for him. He pulled his music from myspace as a protest against their terms and conditions. Once they complied, he put his music back up. YOU should be thanking him!!
Jer / September 21, 2006 at 04:30 pm
That's what I said. He refused to be on the site. Then changed his mind. I just left out the legal blah blah blah. Actually, myspace's user agreement never actually said that it owned artists' content. It just didn't say that it didn't own it. What will Billy protest next? Go to the show on Friday to find out.
Shaun / September 21, 2006 at 07:22 pm
The Black Lips show is going to own. I strongly encourage anyone who is going to the Nomeansno show to check out the Black Lips set before going to see Nomeansno. As they are opening for Be Your Own Pet (a pretty mediocre band, unfortunately), you will have more than enough time to do both and they are playing so close to each other its a no brainer. BLACK LIPS are, without question, the best band on the fucking planet right now. DO NOT MISS THIS SHIT. I am going to both. You will regret not going forever when their new record on Vice comes out and they're huge and all their shows sell out.
tabertooth / September 22, 2006 at 01:35 pm
Yeah, it's true that it didn't say they owned rights, but it kind of implied it with the "royalty free" blah blah blah stuff. Either way Billy got it all cleared up. He knows that you can never trust Rupert Murdoch. Now Billy's after MTV!! It breaks my heart that I'm missing tonight's show...
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