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Weekend Playlist Podcast

Montreal Weekend Playlist 10/25-10/31 [Podcast]

Posted by MP / October 25, 2006

Here's Podcast No. 17, hosted as always by Jeremy Morris with dumb interjections provided by John MacFarlane. Endure the inanity and be rewarded with a sampling of the best acts playing in Montreal over the next few days.

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This podcast is sponsored by the Canadian Film Centre's Habitat New Media Lab. Deadline for applications is Oct. 31.

Tonight (Wednesday), Frank Black, who was in a band called the Pixies or something, plays at Le National with Reid Paley.

On Thursday, we're compelled to recommend The Assdroids on the strength of their stellar band name. They play Zoobizarre with Menace Ruine. (Note: Assdroids are totally insane.) For something less experimental, some mellow indie bands -- Elephant Island, Mini Victrola and The Get Sets -- play the Green Room. K-OS is at La Tulipe, where hopefully he won't play Crabbuckit because man am I sick of that song. Our top pick for this packed evening, though, is at Casa Del Popolo, where awesome Vancouver band The Awkward Stage play with David Myles and Matthew de Zoete.

On Friday, three of the best bands in Montreal -- Royal Mountain Band, Sunday Sinners and the Besnard Lakes -- play a Hallowe'en thingy at Main Hall. Meanwhile, The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower (who someone should tell are totally in the wrong city -- uh, guys? The Eiffel tower is in Paris?), Genghis Tron (another great band name, another totally insane sounding band), Cobra Noir and Thundra are at Club Lambi, and Lez Zeppelin plays Club Soda.

On Saturday, Swedes Love is All, Norwegians 120 Days and, ho-hum, Torontonians Crystal Castles play the Main Hall. Also, These Arms Are Snakes play Petit Campus with Mouth of the Architect and Young Widows.

On Sunday, UK act The Slits drop in on Sala with local MP faves Lesbians On Ecstacy and The Apes.

Tuesday next presents you with a tough choice: The Black Angels and The Tyde at La Sala Rossa, or The Fiery Furnaces and Deerhoof at La Tulipe. Who will win? Why, you of course. Provided you pick the right show.

The Weekend Playlist:

The Get Sets - Thai Food
David Myles - Last Night
The Awkward Stage - Heaven Is for Easy Girls
The Sunday Sinners - Mama didn't Raise No Fool
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - INRI
120 Days - Fucked Myself Up(exclusive-esque)
Love Is All - Talk Talk Talk Talk
Crystal Castles - Air War
These Arms Are Snakes - Horse Girl
The Slits - Instant Hit
Lesbians on Ecstasy - Konstantly Kraving Kosa
Deerhoof - The Great Car Tomb (or Gore in Rut)
The Black Angels - The First Vietnamese War
The Tyde - Go Ask Yer Dad
The Assdroids - Snakes and Ladders



OJ / October 27, 2006 at 10:06 am
Sorry Jer, K-os played crabbuckit. But he left it until the very end, and started it by saying, 'well, i guess there's only one song left that we can play.' oh, and he forgot the lyrics so maybe he's tired of hearing it to - it was still pretty funky though.
Melissa / February 4, 2015 at 01:22 am
Okay, I made an updated video. The audio is crap and I think my laoptp is dying but I wanted something up right away.Depending on when you are coming back to check this message the video may still be a little blurry. That should get better soon. It's a youtube thing.
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