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Montreal Weekend Playlist 11/9 - 11/14 [Podcast]

Posted by John / November 9, 2006

In this decidedly DIY podcast, Evelyne Côté and I fill in for Jeremy Morris, who was wounded in a yak accident and is slowly convalescing. The tunes are great, the bilingualism is rampant and embarrassing, and I promise not to use a computer next to the microphone next week.

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Tonight (Thursday), yet another Distroboto is launched (though, of course, there can never be enough), this time at Zoobizarre, with music by Mixel Pixel, MC Trachiotomy and Noot. The Tragically Hip, who, Aaron Wherry speculates, will finally get their due in about 25 years, play the first of two nights in a row at Metropolis, while Chicago's Cococoma and Headache City play the first of two shows in a row in Montreal, this one at Quai des Brumes with Turpentine Brothers and the B-Sides.

On Friday, what's billed as a "benefit show for our friend, the Planet Earth" will take place at Friendship Cove, featuring Dishwasher, Parenthetical Girls, Alden Penner and No Cars Go, Mixalodian and Lil Pip. who knows if "Planet Earth" here is actually the planet or just some dude who has decided to call himself that. Also, at the efficiently-named Degeneration Overdrive Rock N Roll Extravaganza Day 1 at Cafe Chaos, Ottawa's Million Dollar Marxists rock with Jerk Appeal, The Shifters and Fake Blood. Cococoma, Demon’s Claws, Headache City and Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors are at Casa del Popolo, Mouse on Mars, Megasoid and Lithops are across the street at La Sala Rossa, and the MIMI Electro Showcase (with Telefauna, Pornorobo, 011, Smir, Databeta) is at Main Hall.

Saturday finds the dangerous, stealthy Ninja High School at Main Hall with Montreal's lovable and now moustache-less World Provider and Giselle Numba 1. Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops offshoot Blood Meridian plays Sala with the Christa Min and Birds of Whales. Some francophone supergroups, Les Breastfeeders, and Karkwa, play with Damien Robitaille at Maison de la Culture Maisonneuve. Rhymes and fun times at Metropolis with Jurassic 5 and Cadence Weapon, and utter madness at Zoobizarre with Angie Reed and Kids on TV.

On Sunday, Britain's IV Thieves (oh man, maybe that's like roman numerals, not intravenous, as I read it on the podcast; oh well) play Club Lambi with Public and Receivers.

British Sea Power are at Sala on Monday with locals Heroes and Villains and Boo Hoo, who just launched a new record.

Tuesday's show of note has to be Bell Orchestre and Final Fantasy at Le National, but if that's seeming a little too big and obvious to you, consider Panopticon Eyelids and Crowface at Barfly.

The Montreal Weekend Playlist:

Mixel Pixel: You're The Kind Of Girl
Parethetical Girls: Here's To Forgetting
Demon's Claws: Hypnotize
Million Dollar Marxists: X-Street
Cadence Weapon: Sharks
Ninja High School: Shake It Off
Kids On TV: Cockwolves
Blood Meridian: Shit World
IV Thieves: Broken Mouth Blues
British Sea Power: Oh Larsen B
Boo Hoo: Laces
Final Fantasy: Many Lives
Panopticon Eyelids: I Am Cronos The Balloon Commander

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