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Weekend Playlist Podcast

Montreal Weekend Playlist 01/18-01/22 [Podcast]

Posted by MP / January 18, 2007

John MacFarlane returns from parts unknown to help Jeremy Morris host what is perhaps the most poingnat podcast ever recorded in the history of the entire world. Ever.

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Thursday night, The Cabaret gets some east coast lovin' courtesy of Matt Mays and el Torpedo (much nicer than Matt Mays and el Niño) and Halifax's The Museum Pieces.

Not to be confused with the hit broadway show where people smash garbage cans, The Stomp All-Stars play Café Campus. The show features members of the Planet Smashers, One Night Band, Kingpins, Subb, Undercovers, special guest Chris Murray and more (all for $7)

The Void Magazine is having a fundraiser on Friday at Sala Rossa. $8 lets you help the mag and help yourself to some great tunes, courtesy of Miracle Fortress, Secret Choir, The Alex Chow Symphony Orchestra (member of Islands), Toumaï, and Sister Suvi (8pm)

Maybe you can sneak out of the fundraiser at some point to check out the hip hop across the street as Crowd, B. Green take over Casa del Popolo

Bloodshot Bill and The Cockroaches bring their rockabilly style to Quai des Brumes (9h30pm, 7$) while the Concordia Volunteer program hosts a Rock Out Africa event with Public,One Away, Myxomatosis, Hot Auction and My Biggest Line at Les Saints (10$)

After spending the day at Picknic Electronik's DJ's-meet-skating-party Igloofest on Saturday (events are happening Friday as well...) then head on over to Petit Campus to warm up your frozen limbs. Local rockers Mongrels, The Adam Brown and Chariot of Shame should get your circulation recirculating.

If you're feeling punk-ish (totally a word), The Nymphets, The Loners and Soki Soki punk (totally a verb) Casa del Popolo

The always entertaining Joel Plaskett takes the stage at Sala with local guitar guru Mike O'Brien (early show).

Finally, french folk popper Philippe B. puts on an intimate show at Studio-Theatre de la Place des Arts

If you need to unwind on Sunday, relax to the soothing country sounds of Little Birdie with Municipal at Casa del Popolo

The Weekend Playlist Podcast:

Matt Mays and el Torpedo - Wasn't Meant To Be
The Museum Pieces - Old Cathedral
Miracle Fortress - Deseronto
Sister Suvi - Nothing
Bloodshot Bill - Ring the Bell
The Cockroaches - Cat's Ass
The Adam Brown - Hungry Thirsty
Mongrels - City Living
Soki Soki - Dangerous Cream
The Nymphets - I Don't Care
Joel Plaskett - Happen Now
Mike O'Brien - Movie Star

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