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Montreal Weekend Playlist 01/02-06/02 [Podcast]

Posted by John / February 1, 2007

I'm in bed with a bucket, and not in a sexy way, so Jeremy Morris goes it alone on this edition of the podcast, which, as usual, features good music and bad jokes.

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My illness will not stop me from telling you about Pride Tiger, who are from Vancouver and who are playing tonight (Thursday) at Zoobizarre, and who, from their MP3s, anyway, sound really awesome. Lesbo Vrouven and Mad Parish open. Also, Microtone Kitchen plays Main Hall with DJ Static and John Harry.

On Friday, CPC Gangbangsplay Sala Rossa with fellow locals The Hot Springs, Thundrah and Crow Face. At Main Hall, you'll find Montreal act Creature with Kid Metropolis, while Divan Orange will be the site of Zig Zag Zen, Lindy and Andrea Revel.

Saturday is a good day to check out Bloodshot Bill and the Gogo Pleasers, because that's when they play at Divan Orange. Otherwise, what about Original Recipe, Pete Samples and Test Monkey Vs. The Immortal Titans at Lighthouse, 930 Champagneur in Outremont? What about it, man!

On Sunday, hey people, it's Grizzly Bear at Main Hall, but not the kind that will tear you to shreds. Probably not, anyway. Let me know. Dirty Projectors open.

Institutionalized nonconformists Billy Talent play the Bell Centre with Rise Against, Anti Flag and Moneen on Monday.

And Tuesday marks the first of The Arcade Fire's five night stand at the Ukrainian Federation. Tickets are sold out, but you can have a pair for a cool $300 or so on eBay.*

* We don't endorse selling tickets for a profit on eBay. Assholes.

The Montreal Weekend Playlist:

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake - Dick in a Box
Pride Tiger - What it is
Lesbo Vrouven - Crossfire
DJ Mana - Stoked
Creature - Chynnia
Zig Zag Zen - I Wanna Be Sedated
Andrea Revel - White Noise
Dirty Projectors - Two Young Sheeps
Grizzly Bear - Knife/Heartbeats [Grizzly Bear vs. The Knife by PARRKA]
Anti Flag - Turncoat
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible



Fairfax / February 2, 2007 at 12:29 pm
Wow, I'd never heard of Andrea Revel before, but absolutely loved that song. Downloaded some of the other songs from her website, really dug them too (although you picked out the one I like best).

If I didn't already have plans for tonight I'd be checking her out at Divan Orange for sure. I see from her website that she has a monthly Monday night residency at Green Room... I'll definitely catch her there soon.

Well done Jeremy... exposing people to the music is what this Podcast is all about, right?
Jer / February 2, 2007 at 04:43 pm
Fairfax, thanx for the comment...I'm glad you liked. I hadn't heard of Revel before last week either, but I generally enjoy the acts Lindy plays with. I'll be at the show tonight...I'll let you know how she is live.
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