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Montreal Weekend Playlist 08/02-13/02 [Podcast]

Posted by John / February 8, 2007

Greetings, and welcome to the Montreal Weekend Playlist's end-of-twenties crisis episode. Yes, this is the 29th edition, and in honour of that we do nothing different, playing great music from bands playin gin town in the next few days and otherwise being generally dumb.

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Tonight (Thursday) is jam packed with bands to see, including Golden Dogs, Harvee and Yoko Casionos at Main Hall. Otherwise, consider The Nymphets, the GOGO Pleasers and The B-Sides at Escogriffe or try to sneak in to the third last of the sold out Arcade Fire shows at Ukrainian Federation. Or, still otherwise, see the always-increasingly-great Ohbijou with Miracle Fortress and SS Cardiacs and Habitat at Friendship Cove. Finally, you've got the option of seeing Tradition (blocks recording), Sarah Mangle and Missing Children at Zoobizarre.

Because everyone decided not to compete for Friday audiences and are playing Thursday, there is nothing to do on Friday. Well, maybe I'm wrong -- if you've got a Friday show, post it in the comments.

Saturday offers heaviness in the form of Papa Justify, Robot City and Paper Street at Missy Bar (250 Mont-Royal Est), noisiness with Sun Circle, Dead Bush and Wind up Bird at Casa, rockingness courtesy of Starvin Hungry and Crowface at Escogriffe, local good indieness with Crystal Clyffs, Quebexico and Plante ta femme at Zoobizarre, solo virtuosityness a la Amy Millan and Darling Arms at Main Hall or insaneness at Casa with Intercom, Ghost Limbs and Argon Floozy.

On Sunday, Vandermark 5 plays some jazz at Sala, and Midlake are at Main Hall with St. Vincent.

More noisy madness Tuesday with Dreamcatcher, TTTTTTTTTTTT, Wax Attic and DJ Free Coke at Divan Orange.

The Montreal Weekend Playlist:

Golden Dogs - 1985
Yoko Casiono - Cameras On
The Nymphets - Wednesday Morning
Miracle Fortress - Forgiven
OhBijou - Steep
Missing Children - David, Let's Do Mushrooms
Darling Arms - Beluga
Papa Justify - You're Wack If You Dont Appreciate Knives
Crowface - Love Like a Slayer
Plante ta femme - Miss Penelope
Midlake - Balloon Maker
Vandermark 5 - Licence complete
Wind-up Bird - Voice and Sine Wave



rrrobyn / February 9, 2007 at 11:07 am
the Sun Circle, Wind-Up Bird, Dead Bush show is actually tonight (Friday)! will be good, i think, will report back
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