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Weekend Playlist Podcast

Montreal Weekend Playlist 15/02-20/02 [Podcast]

Posted by John / February 15, 2007

It's existential crisis time at the now 30-episode-old Weekend Playlist Podcast. Lots of great tunes again this week, including something exclusive from These Electric Lives and neat experimental stuff from Jamie Allen.

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Tonight (Thursday), Horsey Craze (the Constantines do a Neil Young & Crazy Horse tribute), The Royal Mountain Band, The Patients play the Noisy Pictures Music Film Series launch party (the theme, unsurprisingly, is a cinematic tribute to Neil Young) at
Club Lambi. More ragged glory at Casa, where Lil' Andy plays with NQ Arbuckle and The John Henrys.

On Friday, you won't sleep during Lullabye Arkestra's CD release set at Zoobizarre with No Dynamics. Alternatively, think about The WAWA Show! (We Are Women Artists) at Sala Rossa with Amanda Mabro, Andrea Revel, Lobelia, Reilly, Abigail Lapell and Ladies of the Canyon.

On Saturday, Malcolm Bauldand Belle Isle play L'Escogriffe, Chicago's Chin Up Chin Up are at Casa with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Mia Verko, and These Electric Lives play Lambi with Hot Auction, Ghetto Pony and Databeta. There also the 8 Bit documentary screening with DJ Taxi Nouveau,, VJ TIND, VJ Futil and Jamie Allen at the SAT.

On Sunday, Kiss Me Deadly, Crystal Clyffs and Tusks play Sala Rossa, while Welcome to Buffalo, aka Trevor Dunn & Shelley Burgon, Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People and Bobok are at the Green Room.

On Monday, Rocky Mountain sunny-retro-fuzz-pop-rocksters Apples In Stereo play Main Hall with Casper and the Cookies.

The Montreal Weekend Playlist:

The Constantines - Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)
NQ Arbuckle - Mixkin Dancehall Blues
Lil Andy and the Karaoke Cowby - Broken Glass in the Sandbox
Belleisle - Coasting (4 track demo)
These Electric Lives - Teach Me to Focus (rough mix)
Chin Up Chin Up - This Harness Can't Ride Anything
Ghetto Pony - The End is Near
Kiss Me Deadly - Dance 4
Casper and the Cookies - Barking in the Garden of Ill Repute
Apples in Stereo - Energy
Jamie Allen - Circuit Music



Cait / February 23, 2007 at 10:01 pm
I gotta say, I was a little surprised to hear The Apples in Stereo on the playlist... not disappointed, just surprised. They seem considerably more well known than just about anybody else I've heard on the Podcast.
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