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Weekend Playlist Podcast

Montreal Weekend Playlist 02/05-07/05 [Podcast]

Posted by John / May 2, 2007

The 40th edition of the MP podcast, which Jeremy described as our "most-jackassed" yet shortly after we finished recording. I don't know--I felt a little off on this one. You be the judge.

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Tonight (Wednesday), Club Lambi is the destination for Japanther (note: this is a band, and not a Japanese panther as you might expect from the name) and Matt & Kim,

On Thursday indie/pop-punk veterans Ted Leo And The Pharmacists are at Sala Rossa with Aussies Love Of Diagrams and the Vague Angels. Also, the very noisy, wonderfully named Genghis Tron (Relapse Records) are at Zoobizarre with Ghost Limbs and Wax Attic.

Friday finds Halifax's pride and joy, the Joel Plaskett Emergency with former Local Rabbit Peter Elkas at Cabaret. Up at Casa del Popolo, Clipd Beaks (of Oakland, CA) hang out and play music, along with Thames and Black Magic Woman. Le Divan Orange features locals Plants and Animalsand Ideal Lovers.

Saturday looks good, man. Really good. It's been working out. The ridiculously popular Peter Bjorn & John play Le National with the slightly less ridiculously popular but still fairly popular Fujiya and Miyagi and Au Revoir Simone. Recent documentary star Daniel Johnston is at Sala with Michael Gira (Of Swans, Angels Of Light) and Brian Seeger.

Sunday finds Air at Metropolis, and pretty much the polar opposite at Zoobizarre: Sightings (Load records), AIDS Wolf and Monday Morning Erection. At the Green Room, hey, it's Dog Day, Page France and Bry Webb (of Constantines).

On Monday, Wolf Parade offshoot Sunset Rubdown hangs out at Sala with Elfin Saddle, while Tuesday is a good night to see The Dwarves at Lambi, because that's when they're playing there.

Here's your Midnight Poutine Podcast:

Matt and Kim - No More Long Years
dd/mm/yy - Mr. T Cereal
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The Sons of Cain
Love of Diagrams - Pace or the Patience
The Vague Angels - The Princess and the Newt
Clipd Beaks - Nuclear Arab
Peter Elkas - Wall of Fire
Peter Bjorn and John - Objects of My Affection
Au Revoir Simone - Through the Backyards
Page France - Bush
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II
The Dwarves - The KKK Took My Baby Away
Aids Wolf - Letter To Al Johnson
Sightings - Dudes
Genghis Tron - Chapels

Photo of Au Revoir Simone by Flickr user Jalapeño



rrrobyn / May 2, 2007 at 04:31 pm
40 episodes! congratulations podcasters!
i think you chose the right chips
scott / May 2, 2007 at 06:15 pm
YOU guys are red onion and cheeze.
nice work, pouters. au revoir simone rule.
Tim / May 2, 2007 at 10:45 pm
Happy Anniversary! If you have any chip residue left over please mail me some.
Fairfax / May 4, 2007 at 03:28 pm
Hey guys... I've added the MP Weekend Playlist to my iTunes podcasts, so normally iTunes detects when you guys have put up a new edition and automatically downloads it for me. But iTunes doesn't seem to be aware of this edition. What gives?
J Mac / May 4, 2007 at 04:08 pm
My bad. I had it in the wrong category. It should be fixed now, so the world can hopefully return to normal. Thanks for pointing that out.
Felipe Bello / May 5, 2007 at 12:38 am
Le MPweekendPlaylist est à chaque fois surprenant.
Merci pour toute cette bonne musique

Fairfax / May 7, 2007 at 04:04 pm
Johnny - thanks for the iTunes reset man.

A lot of tunes I really liked this week, good anniversary show for sure.

And I went and found "Young Folks"... and haven't been able to get it out of my head in the days since. So thanks Jer, really, thanks alot.
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