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Midnight Poutine Podcast - Pop Preview #1

Posted by Jer / October 1, 2007

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or like Bruce Willis walking on that shattered glass in Die Hard, the Midnight Poutine Podcast is back and it means business. We had to take the summer off, unexpectedly, on account of some major life-changing events, but we couldn't let Pop Montreal happen while sitting idly by.

And by we, I mean me. With my co-host and cast-mate John MacFarlane out of the country indefinitely, the podcast is a little lonelier than usual. But it still rocks as hard as ever and rolls as smoothly as Barry White on tumble dry setting. This is the first in a special series of five podcasts featuring artists playing in this year's Pop Montreal Festival.

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As in past years, the Pop Montreal team has done a great job of pulling in tons of acts and devising some cool showcases, many in conjunction with prominent promoters and music bloggers. Should you be absolutely dumbfounded by the deluge of bands storming into Montreal this week, these preview podcasts will help you sort out who to see and who to avoid. Consider it an audio organizer for festival fans, courtesy of Midnight Poutine.

This show features Pop Montreal artists playing on Wed. October 3rd. Enjoy.

Erin Lang - You're Coming Home
Miracle Fortress - This Thing About You
Julie Doiron - No More
Lily Frots - Enchantment
JP Houston - Fat Tuesday
The Cape May - Copper Tied
Sister Suvi - Monsters
Percy Farm - Sarah Got her Freedom
Old Man Ludecke - Roustabout

photo of Erin Lang taken from her website



Fairfax / October 1, 2007 at 05:55 pm
Dude, Jer, welcome back. I really missed the podcasts. But I didn't miss J-Mac's feeble attempts at humour at all, so this is perfect. ;-)
Nate / October 7, 2007 at 03:06 pm
Oh goodness, you guys are back! You wait... well, it's just you Jeremy, but wtv.. keep the tunes coming!

A Montrealer-in-exile-in-Ontario,
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