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The Midnight Poutine Podcast - Dec. 5-12 2007

Posted by Jer / December 5, 2007

20071205cardiff.jpgDecember is in full force and the number of shows is starting to dwindle. But, never one to disappoint, the midnight poutine podcast has still managed to gather a flurry of tunes from bands who dare perform in snowed-in Montreal this week. We've even got an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Craig Cardiff (and by exclusive, I mean we don't want anyone to listen to it, except you).

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This week's episode is perfect shoveling music. It's also great accompaniment for snow-fort-making and snowplow-dodging. Take a listen to the Midnight Poutine Podcast:

Socalled - 2nd Cup Bless the Wine
Kevin Drew - Safety Bricks
Los Campesinos - Don't Tell Me to do the Math(s)
Sheldon Rourke - Hang Time
Mississippi Grover - I'm Buried Alive
Pascale Picard Band - Annoying
Craig Cardiff - When People Go
Cass McCombs - That's That
José González - Down the Line
Malajube - Montréal -40°C

photo of craig cardiff and in between some shadowheads by mike habicher.

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