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The Midnight Poutine Podcast- Jun.25 - Jul.14

Posted by Jer / June 25, 2008

Just as the jam-packed jazzfest be-bops into town, the Midnight Poutine Podcast gets set to take a short summer holiday. For fear of leaving you hanging, we've loaded this podcast with plenty of delightful suggestions and delicious tunes to digest over the next few weeks.

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So listen up as we say salut to suoni, allo to the jazzfest, and what's up to the folks who organize the Mini-M concert series; all on this week's Midnight Poutine Podcast:

Paal Nilssen-Love & Magnus Broo - Brown Sugar, Sweet Rice
Elfin Saddle - The Sun
Picastro - All Erase
Final Flash - Welcome to the House On Fire
Mille Monarques - L'Immense L'Arme
MV & EE (and the Bummer Road) - East Mountain Joint
Triceratreetops - Untitled (Lo-Fi Demo)
Public Enemy - Louder Than a Bomb
Ladytron - Black Cat
Nomo - Better Than That
Jimmy Eat World - What I Would Say to You Now
Joseph Arthur - Pretty Good Company
Calexico - Burn That Broken Bed (feat. Iron & Wine)
Adam and the Amethysts - Stupid Ocean
Tune Yards - When You Tell the Lions

photo of mille monarques under super lights at Le National taken by Frederic Sauvé and found on their myspace page. mille monarques play at quai des brumes on friday as part of m for montreal's mini-m series.



Alain / June 25, 2008 at 07:16 pm
Noooo! I come back from vacation and you abandon me! I hope you enjoy your time off as much as I did. I'll keep my Ipod and podcast under my pillow and think of you at night.
kim / June 25, 2008 at 07:34 pm
Have a good vacation!
We'll be awaiting your pressure or anything.
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