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Weekend Playlist Podcast

The Midnight Poutine Podcast- May 13 - 18, 2009

Posted by Jer / May 13, 2009

20090513nista.jpgNothing says Wednesday like a little Midnight Poutine podcast. It's sure to cure your mid-week blues and bound to compound your weekend scheduling problems. This episode is extra special because I talk about unicorns.

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From mythical beasts to music that makes you hot under the collar, it's the Midnight Poutine Podcast:

Rah Rah - Tentacles
Clues - Approach the Throne
Bird Names - Masters of Enjoyment
Ismism - Mechanics
Nista - Water
Attack in Black - Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)
Lightning Dust - Listened On
Daryl Lamoureux - Can't Stop Thinking About You
Darelle London - Understand
The Sight Below - Dour
dOP - Horny
Omnikrom - Salir L'écran
Notre Dame De Grass - Four Years, Five Days

photo of nista surveying the landscape from her sonicbids page.



Dominique / May 21, 2009 at 02:31 am
Just listened to all of the podcasts in a row, because for an obscure reason my computer wouldn't connect itself to the Internet anymore.
I was so surprised and happy that you mentioned me on a podcast! :D I don't know how many people are listening to the podcast, but hearing of you on the radio when you don't expect it sure is a strange feeling.

Anyways, love the podcast, I hope people will write in more comments to cheer you up! :D
Jer / May 21, 2009 at 09:33 am
Yikes. I hope you didn't OD on the podcast! Too many in a row can be bad for your health!

Glad you liked the shout out. I hope you're still enjoying Japan.
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