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Weekend Playlist Podcast

The Midnight Poutine Podcast- May 27-June 2, 2009

Posted by Jer / May 27, 2009

20090527think.jpgThe 10th edition of Mutek, Montréal's premier festival for the electronic arts, starts today. But since I spent the last 5 podcasts talking about it, this week's show focuses on some of the other great music happening in town this weekend. Whatever music you decide to lose yourself in over the next few days, enjoy it.

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Left and right, there are bands launching new singles, new albums, or re-surfacing after 5 years. It's all here in this week's Midnight Poutine Podcast:

Think About Life - Johanna
Le Nombre - Vile et Fantastique
The Schomberg Fair - Hobo Song
Brie Neilson - Boots
Dog Day - Happiness
Barton Fink - Nothing
Oh No Forest Fires - It's Not Fun and Games Unless Someone Loses an Eye
Arietta - Into the Deep
The Balconies - Battle Royale
Gentleman Reg - Coastline
A Camp - I Signed the Line
Rock Plaza Central - Handsome Men

photo of think about life thinking about their new album, family, taken by Richmond Lam and found on their alien 8 webpage.



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