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Weekend Playlist Podcast

POP MTL Preview Podcast #3 - Oct. 1, 2010

Posted by Greg / September 30, 2010

To quote Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys 2, sh*t just got real. Pop Montreal started today and I'm already tired just thinking about it. Of course, I mean good-tired, like the way you feel after a long jog or a keg stand. As with either activity, it's important to pace yourself at the beginning of Pop, since burning out on Wednesday or Thursday will cause you to miss the real madness on Friday and Saturday. That Friday madness is exactly what I'm here to tell you about.

As we've mentioned a couple times, follow the Pop proceedings on the web at our twitter page, Pop Montreal's twitter page, their website and their crazy cool iPhone app, as well as Said the Gramophone, who have a twitter feed of their own.

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Wait, what's going on - I blinded myself with science! Oh, right. Here's your Midnight Poutine Podcast:

Grand Analog - Electric City (feat. Shad)
Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out of Here
Cotton Mouth - Black Hand
Pat Jordache - Salt on the Fields
Fred Squire - Frankie and Albert
Giant Hand - Bones Are My Homel
Timber Timbre - I Get Low
The xx - VCR
Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black
The Toasters - When Will I Be Lovedl
The Sheepdogs - I Don't Know
No Joy - Heedlessl
Black Feelings - Black Magic
Shortpants Romance - Glossy Pages

photo of grand analog hip hopping taken by les beast photos and found on the band's myspace page. Grand Analog are playing day 3 (Oct. 1) of the 9th edition of Pop Montreal



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