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Weekend Playlist Podcast

POP MTL Preview Podcast #4 - Oct. 2nd, 2010

Posted by Amie / September 30, 2010

Forest City LoversWe're almost there, Poutineurs et Poutineuses! Episode 4 of the POP Montreal marathon of Midnight Poutine Podcasts inundates you with Saturday's stellar line-up of tunes. Welcome to the "Rock-Cast"...

Follow the Midnight Poutine crew on our twitter page as we head out each night for the Pop proceedings, and check out Pop Montreal's twitter page, website, and iPhone app (I saw some people checking it WHILE AT the late-night venue, Espace Réunion, on Wednesday. As if they could go anywhere later that night. A good party shouldn't end, especially when there are vegetarian and pork tacos for sale on site from the Montreal catering taco truck Grumman '78!! Also, drop in on the good people at Said the Gramophone and I Heart Music if you just can't get enough.

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Here's your Midnight Poutine Podcast:

The Golden Dogs - Travel Time
The Balconies - Serious Bedtime
Bend Sinister - Things Will Get Better
Modern Superstitions - Visions of You
Paper Lions - Lost the War
Forest City Lovers - Tell Me, Cancer
Little Scream - Heron and the Fox
Shapes and Sizes - Need An Outlet
The Luyas - Tiny Head
Ruby Coast - Creep Me Out
Hoof and the Heel - Fireworks
Gramercy Riffs - The Freezedown
The Whitsundays - You Fell For It
Dr. Ew - The House of Many Mansions
More or Les - A Lotta Talk (feat. The Herbalizer)
Grand Trine - Radio Frequency Identification

photo of Forest City Lovers setting the mood taken by edward f wong and found on the band's myspace page. The band are part of the line up for Saturday, Oct. 2, the 4th day of the 9th edition of Pop Montreal.



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