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In Their Own Words: Montag

Posted by Jer / February 25, 2011

Montag In their Own Words: the Montreal Sessions is a unique, in depth ten part band profile series. The musicians featured share their experiences, inspirations, and aspirations in pursuit of their artistic vision. On this week's show Montag

Subtle, contemplative and cinematic, the music of Montag is inspired by time and place. A collage artist at heart, Montag is the musical moniker of Antoine Bédard. Fragments of organic sounds are juxtaposed with stream-of-conscious melodies, then meticulously reassembled. Montag composes soundtracks to dreamy memories.

In their own words: Montag. Safe in Sound.

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A reminder that In Their Own Words: The Montreal Sessions is also running over at CKUT's Underground Sounds. If you miss it here, check it there.

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In Their Own Words: the Montreal Sessions is produced by Martin Simon Greizis. Photo of Montag recording thin air taken by Heidi Zutter and found on his media page.



Kiyomi / February 4, 2015 at 12:26 am
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