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POP MTL Preview Podcast #3 - Sep. 23, 2011

Posted by Jer / September 22, 2011

OhbijouHow was your opening night of Pop? Did you catch the informative panel on cities and cultural scenes at the symposium? Did you jump on a Bixi and show-hop between this city's countless charming venues? Or were you one of the lucky one's with tickets to the Arcade Fire's intimate warm up show at Metropolis? Everyone's Pop path ends up being a different one, but no matter your trajectory, the festival is definitely work on the brain, the legs, the eyes and the ears (sure, the nose too, if you walk home through the garbage-filled back alleys that criss cross the city).

In an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the curve, we're back with another Pop Preview podcast, this time featuring artists that are playing on the 3rd day of the festival, Friday Sept. 23. We're floored by the acts we cover, though I just noticed that the good folks over at Said the Gramophone have their Pop selections up and running. It's worthy list, fit for musical kings and queens. Do yourself a favour and go check it out. Beware though, it's made me change my whole schedule.

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Happy decision making, with today's Midnight Poutine Podcast:

The Velvelettes - He Really Was Saying Something
Miracle Fortress - Seabird
Adam & The Amethysts -
Moonface - Whale Song
Pat Jordache - Get It (I Know You're Going To)
Jennifer Castle - Neverride
The Deep Dark Woods - West Side Street
Ohbijou - Niagara
One Hundred Dollars - Aaron's Song
No Gold - Rainforts
Prince Language - Electric Feel (MGMT Remix)
Kid Sister - Gucci Rag Top (feat. Gucci Mane)
Ninjaspy - Evolution of the Skid

In case you missed it, here's links to the rest of the series: Pop Preview #1, Pop Preview #2

photo of a stage waiting to be filled by ohbijou taken by myspace user nikita and found on ohbijou's photo page.



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